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Did you over pluck your eyebrows in the 90’s? Have some spots that you’d like to fill in and make thicker? This is perfect to roll on your eyebrows and rub in to keep them extra healthy. Also softens the hair! Can also be used on the scalp to increase growth and health of your hair. Just roll on scalp and rub in (doing so upside down to get the blood flowing is even better)

Rooted Earth infused: horsetail, nettle leaf + root, sage, rosemary, oatstraw, and marshmallow root into aloe and add rosemary essential oil. These herbs are known to increase growth and strength, soften and nourish hair.

Comes in a 0.35 oz glass bottle w/a roller ball for easy application. (One bottle)

To Use: apply to eyebrows and/or scalp and rub in.

Not suggested using this on eyelashes because of the essential oil. We do offer an eyelash potion in another listing and that can be used on both eyelashes and eyebrows, however if you are just using it for eyebrows, this is the best option.

Eyebrow Potion

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